Unity 3D: Make your console happy

Unity 3D Apr 07, 2016

Unity 3D debug console is dull and boring as default, things will get messy and it’s hard to find what you need when there is lots of text coming out. Did you know, you can make it better! You can make your console happy!

When I opened Unity 3D first time I was happy how clear and simple it is. Easy to find stuff, easy to do things. After a while I started to feel bit annoyed about it’s simplicity. I felt like it is missing important things to make life easy. Better snapping tools, highlighted and clear console output and things like that. Console is something what is used a lot and it should be place where you find your debug data easily.

There is plenty of ways to improve editor and make your own tools, modify inspector and so on. I write about all that some other time, now we concentrate to this quick fix on console.

Let’s make your console happy!

It’s actually quite simple. I suppose you already are somewhat familiar with debug class and have used Debug.Log() for writing out your own log messages to console. When you have multiple sources of messages it may all come… not so clear what is happening and where.

To fix all this and make your console happy, we can use rich text formatting.

You can use following tags to modify your output to console:

b Bold
i Italic
size Size of text
color Color of text

And proper use in code would be:


You can also write out your colors in hex:


I usually use bold, italic and color in my code. Changing text size is not coming out nicely, small font looks weird and big will mess up line spacing.


Default console is dull, you can make it more readable with rich text formatting and better not to change font size.

Mika Peltomaa

Full Stack Hero who is not afraid to step out from comfort zone. Developing apps for web and mobile is close to heart, including Game Development as a Weekend Warrior.

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