Is your server secure?

Security Nov 28, 2016

I've been running all kinds of servers in last 24 years, starting from small to big. Nameservers, webservers, domain controllers, lots of other application servers and even BBSs long time ago. And always there has been people who want to penetrate your servers security setup or atleast try to.

In these days you can choose from big arsenal of firewalls and other tools to keep your server secure. Some are free some may cost you a lot. One thing is sure, higher price is not always better security.

As you can guess, I have seen all kind of setups on my joyrney. Some good ones as well as bad ones and this post is about good one which I bumped on earlier this year - BitNinja.

What BitNinja actually is?

BitNinja is Security as a Service type of product. You can install it to your game server, web server or basically to any server you have (if your server platform is supported by BitNinja, most common ones are).

BitNinja has several tools in their belt to protect your server. Botnet protection, custom honeypots, web app firewall (which is still in beta while writing this), IP reputation (IP greylist), log analysis, malware & virus detection (also in beta), prevention for server layer 7 DDoS mitigation, port honeypots, tool for preventing distributed scans, talkback, antiflood and I suppose more is coming. That is huge set of tools for reasonable price.


Installation of BitNinja is quite straightforward and easy. I have tested BitNinja on some of my servers. Tested servers are Ubuntu and CentOS servers with different versions. Each time installation was easy, fast and painless. That's something you don't see very often while installing security tools to Linux servers :)

Basically, there is just one step. You get installation command after you pressed Add server on your BitNinja dashboard. Once you done installation, your server will be visible on dashboard after couple of minutes.

What happens next?

Once installed, you can start to monitor what is happening in your server. I am quite sure you will notice many attacks in next 24 hours, you may even be amazed how many there is and you have never knew about it before.


After using BitNinja for some time I can definedly recommend it to every one. It's easy to install, easy to use and it will really help you to keep your server safe.

Read more from BitNinja's homepage:

Mika Peltomaa

Full Stack Hero who is not afraid to step out from comfort zone. Developing apps for web and mobile is close to heart, including Game Development as a Weekend Warrior.

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